Ten Commandments for AI-assisted Social Media Marketers

By Bibin Ponnachan, Digital Marketing Strategist, Braincities Lab

Here are the 10 Commandments for AI-assisted social media marketers:

1. Smart Ad-Targeting using Programmatic Advertising:
Why not let AI predictive analysis determine who to and when to target potential customers for your products rather than following the retroactive approach. This can be done using Programmatic Advertising where real-time data of user’s likes, preferences, location, an active time during the day, intent to buy, etc are analyzed and the most relevant ad is posted to them through a bidding process. This increases the better chances of conversion and engagement. You can now invest more in potentially higher-value customers by adjusting various bidding strategies boosting the efficiency of their campaigns.
Example: As per thebestmedia.com, Audi with the launch of luxury SUV, the Q2 created a programmatic ad campaign and this led to an average conversion rate four times higher than those bought using traditional methods.

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