Getting to know Braincities: Gabriel d’Agay, CFO

Hi, my name is Gabriel and I am a 26-year-old French guy. I was born and raised in Paris but have spent most of my adult life abroad whether for studying, working or just for travelling. I started in Italy at Bocconi University for my Bachelor’s before joining ESCP Europe and successively living in Paris, Berlin, London, Hong-Kong, Bandung and Tel Aviv. I am now back in France, ready to share what I have discovered and learned outside!

I am a very curious person and have explored various industries and jobs over the past seven years: financial analyst in a big pharmaceutical company, production assistant in a motion picture group, analyst in an M&A boutique or Chief Operating Officer of an e-health startup. These experiences have made me a more open-minded, productive and resilient person while allowing me to improve my skills in management, finance and leadership.

On a more personal side, I am very fond of food and technology. I started to cook and to enjoy good food at an young age — thanks to my family — and have been eager to try international and new dishes since. I talk about food when I cook when I eat and when I sleep. Regarding technology, and considering that I am an Internet baby, I am interested in understanding the new trends and how innovations can affect our personal and professional lives.

Finally, I live according to one Hebrew word Sababa which is translated as “cool”, “great”, “no problem”, or “all right” by the Urban Dictionary. Even under pressure, it is important to keep calm and to focus on the positive side of the situation and on the potential solutions...

Walking along Braincities

I joined Braincities 4 months ago to initially help the team build a business plan and pitch deck for a pre-series A fundraising. Since then, I have been helping on several tasks that are described in the next section. Many great things have happened since the first day: I meet a team of focused and talented people who want to change the world, went to the Web Summit in Lisbon to pitch our project whether during the day or at night and had the opportunity to meet key decision makers along the way.

My role at Braincities

As the CFO of the company, my job includes several and various tasks:

  • Business operations: setting up legal and financial processes from contracts to payments at an international scale
  • Financial planning & budget management: monitoring and analyzing monthly operating results. Providing continual improvements to improve the burn rate. Maintaining and updating forecasts against the budget.
  • Financial modelling & reporting: setting up and running all the financial processes and tools in order to deliver monthly financial reports to stakeholders
  • Compliance & regulations: ensuring that effective internal controls are in place and ensure compliance with GDPR, IP. Social and applicable regulatory laws and rules for financial and tax reporting
  • Financing: building-up fundraising plans and capital structure with the management team
  • Team management: building and motivating the financial team (legal, accounting, administrative and financial positions)

I strongly believe that administratively and financial well-managed companies are better than others because they can entirely focus on developing and selling their products !

Future Vision

Let’s talk first about the future of my job with AI. I am confident that artificial intelligence will be of significant help in the future. By organizing the company’s data structure, we will save a considerable amount of time and resources by automating input, analysis and control processes. On another level, predictive analysis will improve the accuracy of our business and financial forecasts while keeping us alert on new opportunities and threats.

“We are developing a Cognitive Operating System for the data driven and AI powered era. The current version of the technology is an heterogeneous data refinery platform powered by a data preprocessing engine that can predict time series with over 95% accuracy. The described smart layer can endow environments like decentralized networks and data storage solutions with analytics and predictive capabilities ”.

To know more and get connected with our team join us on Telegram and stay up to date by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Published by, Bibin Ponnachan, Digital Marketing Strategist, Braincities Lab


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