Getting to know Braincities: Antoine Bruel, Head of growth

Hello friends and foes, my name is Antoine, 27 y.o. french amigo and today I want to take some time to talk about Braincities, what I do here and why I wake up excited and ready to fight every morning. I am not that old but most of my life so far has been made of traveling the world, wandering and wondering, looking for the adventure that would fulfill me. This journey led me to the most complete and exhilarating adventure so far, which is the reason why I will be babbling today in this article.

I spent half my life outside my native country. Following my parents in nearby countries in western Europe when I was younger and then kept on moving for my studies and work experiences. This is the root of who I am now, an open-minded + forthcoming human. It was nurtured and multiplied by my years studying business and corporate finance, which led me to a Master’s degree, built through experiences around the world: both in corporations and startups, in Asia, Europe, North and South Americas. I am convinced the variety of environments and cultures I evolved through are the reason why I am polyvalent, why I adapt fast anywhere, make friends anywhere and solve problems anywhere. These adventures opened several dimensions to my personality and it also taught me to speak 3.2 languages (French, English, Spanish,- and the ‘.2’ is German which I just started playing with…). It opens a lot of doors (and hearts).

My goal here is not to tell you the story of my life but to explain how this mindset and conscience of both cultures and businesses are, in my opinion, fundamental to building growth for a startup. During those same years I talked about in the introduction, where I was jumping from one business environment to another, one country to another, the sole question on my mind was: what am I meant to do?

The answer I found is twofold: the first part will allow me to explain what I do as Head of Growth and the second, how I feel Braincities has the power to build a new paradigm for our society.

Cohesive, The DC Hackathon, powered by Braincities Lab

The head of Growth is a fairly recent denomination emerging with fairly recent startup business models but encompassing rather old business and sales concepts. Anyway, not teaching you anything here, the head of growth is usually overseeing the whole sales pipeline and sales processes, and nurturing the company with leads, until they convert. This might be the most paramount element and responsibility for the head of growth (thanks Mybizdev for everything you taught and still teach me).

However, I like to take the title to its literal meaning. And this is where I deem it to be such a complete and rewarding role : as head of growth I will not only put sales in overdrive, I will build international partnerships with key actors in our vertical (industrials, accelerators, economic development agencies: HPE, Nvidia, Paris&Co, Berlin Partner, SME Dubai and so on), I will help build our community of believers and contributors (alongside Bibin and Kym, shout out) and last but not least, handle investor relations.

This as a whole is what I call Ecosystem Building (I admit, I borrow this denomination from a former boss, now friend and inspiration: thanks Amarit from Hubba Thailand). It is about building win-win relationships, worldwide, with enthusiastic people, often more intelligent than me, which humbles me and makes me more mature every time. It is about sharing our vision, getting people excited about what we build and finding the best partners to help us achieve it.

You can understand how this role is the perfect fit for me (or vice versa ?). It is every dimension I have forged my personality and skills in along the years, merging under one essential hat.

Perhaps I could have found and handled similar responsibilities in other companies. However, to me, Braincities is not just another company. This will be the second half of my answer: I was sold on Braincities’ vision first. I am convinced we are building a new paradigm; that 10x disruption that can have an impact on all our lives. I’m not saying this lightly. We start from the simple statement that we have entered an AI and the data-driven world and the next decade challenges will be data integrity + protection and AI ethics. At Braincities, not only do we build a human-supportive AI, to augment human thinking and processes, we are taking the bull by the horns going as far as to deploy it through our infrastructure which revolutionizes the mear concept of database and data exchanges. I won’t dive more into details here, is that good enough of a teaser? This is what gets me fired up, the scope of our project, the social impact to come, the improvement we could bring to our everyday lives as citizens. I cannot wait for you all to see what we are currently implementing.

If you had asked me only one year ago, I was truly not sure what direction I would go or what I wanted to accomplish. This is actually the first time I stop to think about how both what I do (i.e. the role of Head of Growth) and what we do as a company (i.e. disrupting data management and decision making processes) are the answers to my questions, the one I introduced this piece with. We are in a position to change how cities relate to inhabitants, how administrations work, how private entities approach human capital management, how people foresee their own career and ambitions, and many more contexts we have not yet even thought of.

Two words to sum up my involvement in Braincities: fulfilling and exhilarating.

Stay tuned - Antoine

“We are developing a Cognitive Operating System for the data driven and AI powered era. The current version of the technology is an heterogeneous data refinery platform powered by a data preprocessing engine that can predict time series with over 95% accuracy. The described smart layer can endow environments like decentralized networks and data storage solutions with analytics and predictive capabilities ”.

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Published by, Bibin Ponnachan, Digital Marketing Strategist, Braincities Lab


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